i used to think i could fly Album Lyrics

Canadian singer Tate McRae made her long-awaited comeback today with her debut studio album, “i used to think I could fly. The LP arrived five years after she broke through with the single “One Day” and was preceded by four singles: “feel like ”she’s all i wanna be,” “chaotic,” and “what would you do?”

i used to think i could fly Album Lyrics List below.



  1. “?”
  2. don’t come back
  3. i’m so gone
  4. what would u do?”
  5. chaotic
  6. hate myself
  7. what’s your problem?”
  8. she’s all i wanna be
  9. boy x
  10. you’re so cool
  11. feel like shit
  12. go away”
  13. i still say goodnight

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