More M’s Lyrics

More M’s Lyrics [Intro: 21 Savage] (Metro) Metro in this bitch goin’ brazy [Chorus: 21 Savage] Strike like a match,

Jumbotron Shit Poppin Lyrics

Jumbotron Shit Poppin Lyrics [Intro] (Wake up, F1LTHY) Yeah [Chorus] We ain’t even out in Turks, she finna take sand

Middle of the Ocean Lyrics

Middle of the Ocean Lyrics [Intro: Drake] Yeah I’m in the Missoni room at the Byblos The boat was rockin’

Broke Boys Lyrics

Broke Boys Lyrics [Part I] [Verse 1: Drake] Yeah, ayy Hop in that bitch and I start the V Snakes

Circo Loco Lyrics

Circo Loco Lyrics [Intro] One more— [Verse 1: Drake] I been blowin’ through the money like it grow on trees

Treacherous Twins Lyrics

Treacherous Twins Lyrics [Intro: Drake] Can we try to make up for the lonely daze? I love you, baby, come

Hours In Silence Lyrics

Hours In Silence Lyrics [Verse 1: Drake] Leave your phone, come to mine You’ll catch a hint in due time

Spin Bout U Lyrics

Spin Bout U Lyrics [Intro: 21 Savage] You gotta motherfuckin’ feel this shit, boy (BanBwoi) Woah [Verse 1: 21 Savage]