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Coffee song and jack’s music in general has a lot of room for interpretation and/or deeper meanings, tbh most of the arguments here are running in circles, you can take it as in surface level (a song about loving coffee, maybe too much) or search for a deeper meaning (a song about addictions, not having enough control over your urges wants or small addictions, maybe abusive relationships or some mental health issues) this topic really should be closed with “agree to disagree”

Coffee Lyrics


Late night bussin’ that voddy
Buds, no colly
Lean to the side of my hat like Noddy
Don’t say sorry ’cause my head’s like porridge
Well, gotta crack eggs if you wanna make omelets
Three-five, three-five
Too many lines, can’t read between lines
Tequila, Sprite, Henny, lime
Henny on the rocks
Strut like Jenny from the block
Broken telly switch off
Like I’m burnin’ biscott
Franklin runnin’ with the dog
Throw me in fire with the logs
In the middle of the woods
No time on my watch
Yeah, let me hit my solo
Only red eyes in the photo
Rollin’ stone, how I roll home
With young niggas with the ice like Frozone
Mum worries how I go home late
School, show no face
Buss chips on my shoulder, my shoulder breaks
Alone on a boat on an open lake
She asked, “How well you can swim?”
You see my skin? I’ll never get in
Life on blocks, dreams in cling
All these sharks and I see so fins
So I got no warnin’
Uber pool got me pissed off like first thing right in the mornin’
Hate strangers, hate runnin’ through danger
Hate when I miss when you’re callin’, yeah
Unresolved hormones
So it could be award shows or court clothes
City like a war zone
Need the model X, put it in sport mode

I like to describe our business and its program in relation to the ever-complicated coffee machine that we have because coffee is really important
I think of it as a relationship between being relaxed and being excited as, as a saying that you feel when you get to work, just gives you that buzz
You feel movement

Coffee Lyrics -Credits

  • Produced By Fredwave
  • Label Because Music & Jeshi
  • Release DateMay 27, 2022

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