Botox album Night Skinny

Botox is the fifth album by Night Skinny, who has presented it as the third chapter in a trilogy that began in 2017 with Pezzi and continued in 2019 with Mattoni.

Botox album Lyrics List

  1. Fake (Ft. Geolier & Luchè) Lyrics
  2. Diavolo (Ft. ​bnkr44, Ghali, Rkomi & Tedua) Lyrics
  3. Blessed (Ft. ARIETE, Drast, Madame & ​thasup) Lyrics
  4. Marciapiede (Ft. Ernia, Rkomi & Tony Effe) Lyrics
  5. Non Aprire (Ft. Salmo) Lyrics
  6. Mezzanotte in Punto (Ft. Bresh, Franco126 & Ketama126
  7. Giorni Contati (Ft. Geolier, Noyz Narcos & Paky
  8. Doppio Hublot (Ft. Baby Gang & Guè)
  9. Coki (Ft. Guè, Ketama126, Noyz Narcos & Tony Effe
  10. Prodotto (Ft. Ernia, Jake La Furia, Lazza & Paky
  11. Come Mi Guardi (Ft. Bresh, Coez & Madame)
  12. Dedication (Ft. ​anice & Geolier
  13. Addio (Ft. Ernia, Gazzelle, Mahmood & Rkomi) Lyrics
  14. Per La Strada (Ft. Coez, Guè & Rkomi) Lyrics
  15. Così Non Va (Ft. ​bnkr44, Elisa, GAIA, Madame & Rkomi) Lyrics
  16. Millesimati (Ft. J Lord, Lazza, Noyz Narcos & Salmo) Lyrics
  17. Marmellata (Ft. Carl Brave, Pyrex (ITA), Rkomi & VillaBanks) Lyrics
  18. Changes (Ft. 2Rari, ​anice, J Lord & Vettosi) Lyrics
  19. Sparami (Ft. ARIETE, CoCo & Ernia) Lyrics
  20. BTX Posse (Ft. Coez, Ernia, Fabri Fibra, Geolier, Guè, Lazza, L’immortale, MamboLosco, Paky & Tony Effe) Lyrics

Album Song Credits

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