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Welcome to ANLyrics. Com, your best source of Indian music. Since 2022 we have been the largest lyric provider in India, providing a variety of lyrics that are sorted by language and are published by native speakers. Check out our Hindi music as well as Punjabi, our Telugu, or any other sort of Indian song you’re looking for!

Our Vision:

  • A comprehensive collection of English language song lyrics
  • Search for lyrics by artist, movie, song, or specific word
  • Understand the meaning behind the lyrics with explanations
  • Access detailed information about the movie, its cast, singers, and music director.

Our Mission:

  • To provide official lyrics to all of our readers.
  • To offer English readers an understanding of the meaning behind a song.
  • To enhance English reading abilities by offering precise translations of popular songs.

Who are behind the scene?

The Learn-IT team deserves our gratitude for their valuable contributions to the project. Their ideas have played a crucial role in maintaining its smooth operation. Special mention goes to the key members who have made this possible.

Miraz Ahmed

Miraz Ahmed, Online SEO Consultant for over three years. Besides her work as a consultant, he has good at technical writing. are working with the Learn-IT team

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Over the last 5 years, Mehedi Hasan has been practicing graphics design. He is also involved in translating Indian movies’ best Hindi song lyrics to English.

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ANA is a skilled lyrics writer who contributes to ANlyrics.com and has also offered her services on Upwork. She boasts a wealth of experience in crafting lyrics in both Spanish and English.

Will Clapson

As a singer and songwriter, Will Clapson has been creating music for over a decade. In addition to his own compositions, he also offers his services as a lyricist on Fiverr., where he can write for any genre requested.


Zay .Z

I am Zay, a multi-talented artist with experience in songwriting, production, and audio engineering (mixing and mastering). I have been in the music industry for a few years, primarily focused on freestyling and songwriting, but also dabbling in production. I offer my services on Fiveer to record verses, choruses, or write lyrics for you.


Neha Saha

Hi, I’m Neha Saha, founder of ANlyrics.com. And a web developer who specializes in technical SEO and is also great at updating content for search engines with the Learn-IT team.

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